2009 Amherst summer science program

July 26 – August 15 at Amherst College


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SSP08 photos 003

Dr. Ampiah-Bonney and tutor set up lab

2009 Program Description


Three Weeks. The Amherst Summer Science Program offers three weeks of Amherst-level math and science.


Math. Students have daily calculus classes for all three weeks, including homework and exams.

Prof. Greg Call, Dean of Faculty

Prof. Rob Benedetto


Science. Each week features a different science course: Physiology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

Prof. Pat O’Hara

Dr. Richmond Ampiah-Bonney

Prof. Catherine Sanderson


Writing. In addition to a week-long writing seminar with Prof. Jyl Gentzler, we will have later topics and speakers.


SSP08 photos 008

Studying in the Q Center (with A/C)


Should you consider summer science?


SSP is aimed at incoming with a strong interest in science, math or premedical study to motivate them to spend part of their summer in class. First priority (in general) will be given to students with weaker calculus or science preparation.


Typical SSP students are:

·         premedical students who want to get a sense of how demanding the science and calculus requirements are,

·         students concerned about how they perform on high-stakes math and science exams,

·         students who attended high schools with uneven quality or requirements in science and math courses.

Summer Science Offers:


·         A three-week introduction to Amherst calculus and science classes and laboratories

·         An opportunity to get to know faculty with small classes and accessible office hours

·         Advising for premedical, math and science

·         An introduction to many of Amherst’s academic resources

·         Research and internship information, and a chance to talk to current science majors

·         A chance to make friends and meet the classmates who will share your fall courses



Participation in the SSP is by invitation. Amherst College pays for travel, room and board, and program expenses. Students receive for a $1000 credit to replace earnings expectations in their freshman year.

SSP08 photos 018

Prof. O'Hara and Amherst alums meet with SSP at Yale

Information and Advising. Sessions with college deans, current students and faculty will provide information on course selection, pre-medical and science requirements and opportunities.


Academic Resources. SSP student tutors live and work with the summer science students, and offer help during the evening study hall. Faculty are available during office hours; additional tutors and the director of the Moss Quantitative Center work closely with students.


Camaraderie and Exploration. SSP isn’t all study and advising. Students have the opportunity to make new friends and explore the Amherst area.




Need more Information?


Contact Jennifer Innes, SSP Coordinator and Director for the Moss Quantitative Center


SSP tutors for 2009:

Kimona Cameron, SSP08 participant

Daniele Cole, SSP08 participant


Participants in SSP09 (Final)


Ms. Noella Curiel                      Hugo, OK

Ms. Krystal English                  Richardson, TX

Ms. Esther Fevrier                    Queens Village, NY

Ms. Amalia Gonzalez                Houston, TX

Ms. Millicent Gordon                Canutillo, TX

Ms. Taina Jean-Louis                Miami, FL

Ms. Tamara Joseph                   Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Daniel Keolasy                   Fullerton, CA

Mr. Christopher Lewis              Inglewood, CA

Mr. Landrus Lewis Jr.                Pennsauken, NJ

Ms. Jade McKnight                   Pasadena, CA

Mr. Akeem Mercury                  Acton, MA

Mr. Steven Santos                     Revere, MA

Ms. Antoineen White                Detroit, MI


Dorm for this summer: Williston (doubles in freshman dorm on quad)

Williston Hall

Circles are the Valentine Dining Hall, Merrill Science Center and Williston Hall.